Firstcare Health Foundation (FCHF) is a Ghanaian non-profit organization that seeks to address the healthcare needs of the less privileged in the society by making it possible for them to  access and to afford quality healthcare services. The FCHF was established in 2014 with registration number CG111482014. The vision of FCHF is to facilitate the provision of medical cover to the less privileged in the society and thereby help to remove catastrophic expenditure.

Given that good health is indispensable to life, this organization seeks to reach out to eradicate the setbacks that prevent the less endowed to access quality patient-centered healthcare facilities when they are in need and also, to help equip the clinics and hospitals that offer treatment for various conditions in the deprived communities.

The Foundation seeks to positively impact and trail-blaze the healthcare system starting from the grassroots to give the best possible care to meet the needs of present and future growing society. We recognize that patients have better outcomes when they can access quality healthcare closer to home; Firstcare Health Foundation will strive to deliver this to the communities. To serve our growing population, there is a need to set up and improve health facilities, to lower waiting times and put in structures to carry out advance treatments. Health benefits for the communities will include increased and affordable access to healthcare services, improved services, access to specialist services, efficient use of resources and increased satisfaction and safety.

Objectives of FCHF

Firstcare Health Foundation is devoted to:

  • Creating and Improving financial access to healthcare to the less privileged, especially women, children and the aged, and thus reducing catastrophic healthcare expenditure in the already impoverished populations,
  • Addressing the health needs of the poor communities by providing access to quality but affordable healthcare,
  • Supporting the healthcare needs of the very old and neglected,
  • Supporting and facilitating the supply of healthcare equipment, facilities and expendables  to institutions that  see to the provision of healthcare services to the under-privileged,
  • Initiate and collaborate with like-minded institutions to initiate and advance advocacy actions that should collectively improve the health and healthcare access of the people of Ghana.

Missions Challenges
During the September 2014 FCHF/ R.E.S.T.O.R.E Mission some of the cases that were seen and managed were so extensive that they would require a secondary surgery by flying the affected individual to the USA. The intervention to make a difference in the lives of these individuals was achieved under the roof  of an uncompleted theater  FCHF managed to prepare for the mission.In spite of that,we remain resolute and committed to another mission this year. People are in desperate need of such intervention.