John Kufuor is the former President of the Republic of Ghana. He served as the President of the Republic of Ghana from January 2001 to January 2009 having won the general elections of the year 2000 under the ticket of the NPP(New Patriotic Party). He succeeded the then President Jerry John Rawlings. Under his tenure,the nation witnessed an unprecedented scale of development through infrastructure and human resource. He is a Lawyer by profession. Prez Kufuor is a founding member of the FCHF.

Under his leadership most debts owed by Ghana were cancelled and through prudent economic management, Ghana rose from a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) status to a Middle Income economy.

Prez Kufuor re-dominated the currency and just before his term ended the exchange rate of the Ghana cedi (GHc) to the US dollar was 1GHc=US$1. The Golden Age of Business was launched under his leadership. Ghana’s image on the international stage was boosted and showcased in the most positive light. He restored trust and donor confidence in the nation.The trust bestowed upon him by the international community led the nation to acquire the most grants since post independence.

The National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) that was initiated under his leadership provided  healthcare for the nation and was at its best during his tenure. The improved financial access to healthcare services was coupled with the construction of several hospitals and health centers to augment geographic access. An ultra modern Accident and Emergency Center with a helipad was also constructed at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital through locally generated funds.

To support the NHIS dream, Prez. Kufuor saw to the establishment of the College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the National Ambulance Service in Ghana.

The Metro Mass Transit (MMT) which provided transportation at very affordable fares for the citizens was also set up. The MMT PROVIDED FREE bus services  for children and the elderly.

The private transportation sector received a marked boost with his Government's Private Transport Sector Fleet renewal project. For the first time Government collaborated with the Banking institutions and private sector players and facilitated the supply of NEW buses (Yutong Buses) to augment and renew the fleet of the private transport network on hire purchase basis.

A School Feeding Program which provided free hot meals to pupils in Primary and Kindergarten schools was launched and sustained during his tenureship.

Prez. Kufuor's tenure saw massive revamping and constructional activities in School and institutional infrastructure from Kindergartens through Primary and High Schools to tertiary institutions such as Polytehcnics and Universities.

Farmers were also given economic and mechanical boost through the subsidized supply of fertilizers and farming equipment to enhance the development of agriculture nationwide. Cocoa farmers had their farms sprayed against pests for free. That singular action led to the marked increase of Ghana's Cocoa production such that by 2010 Ghana could supply the world market with one million Tonnes of Cocoa!

Prez. Kufuor's dynamic leadership saw the length of roads in the country DOUBLED under his watch from about thirty four thousand kilometers (34000 Km.) to sixty five thousand (65,000) kilometers. There was an emphatic improvement in the road condition mix and the Road Traffic Fatality Rate was markedly improved from more than 34/10,000 to under 22/10,000 vehicles in eight years!

Under his guidance, Government facilitated the supply of construction equipment to Private road construction players on hire purchase basis.

The construction of various dams including the Bui dam was also initiated during his tenure to boost energy generation in the country. To improve the energy sector management, Prez. Kufuor directed for the creation and re-focusing the various parts of the Energy stream: the Volta River Authority (VRA) as the Generator of Energy, the GRIDCO as the the energy Transmission conduit and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) as the distributor of electricity to client consumers.

Prez. Kufuor took measures to focus the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation to its core business of Oil exploration. Ghana discovered oil in commercial quantities owing to Prez. Kufuor's dynamic leadership style and open minded nationalistic approach to issues. Prior to that, there had been many researches and explorations which did not yield any result.

Prez. Kufuor constructed ultra modern stadia in Sekondi and Tamale and refurbished the existing Accra and Kumasi stadia to promote sports. Ghana was thus position to and did host the African Cup of nations football tournament.

Prez. Kufuor served as Chairman of the Regional grouping ECOWAS for two consecutive terms and then Chaired the African Union. He was very instrumental in brokering peace in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d’ivoire and Guinea-Bissau during their low turns of internal conflicts and wars.

His governance style was a shining example for the emulation of several jurisdictions, especially with respect to media freedoms and human rights.  He is currently on several international assignments.

Prez. Kufuor received his education at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.